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About Us

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- Claire Brown Author -

I first started making up these stories to entertain my son, Ben who had a toy polar bear called Baby Julia.  It wasn't until many years later that I committed them to paper and set them to verse.  "Baby Julia" has now become Maisey Morley, named after a little white dog my son owned called Maisey.  Ben is all grown up now and has recently had his own son who I hope gets as much enjoyment from these stories as his Dad did.

My Author Profile can be found on the New Zealand Society of Authors webpage

I was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis in September 2016.  The story of my MS journey and other stories and articles I have written can be found on

- Anne Jewitt, Illustrator -
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Anne Jewitt is not only my big sister, she is also my best friend.  Our family moved from England when we were both children and we went through school in New Zealand where Anne later trained and worked as a primary school teacher, Anne has always been the more artistic in the family and has honed her skills during the COVID lockdown when we decided to collaborate together to make this series of children's books.

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