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Check out some fun stuff with Maisey.  Have a go at doing my polar bear quiz, do a Christmas jigsaw puzzle or try my colouring in links!

Love from Maisey xx

I really loved living at the North Pole with Santa and I was really sad to say goodbye to him and the reindeer and the elves but I'm so happy to be living in New Zealand with Ben and all the other toys who are now my really good friends.  We have such fun together although sometimes I get very hot and bothered away from the cool snow at the North Pole.

Gordon, the big brown teddy who knows everything has told me that the North Pole is getting warmer now because of global warming. He said that temperatures vary between -34°C in winter and  around 0°C in summer (occasionally as warm as 12°C ), and the sea ice is shrinking fast which poses a huge threat to polar bears like me.

To find out more about the Arctic and some of the everyday things you can do to help, click here

Christmas Background Polar Bear with Hat & Presents & Bauble.jpg
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