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Maisey Morley Flies to England

Shivers, what a crazy couple of weeks I've had! I've been busy working out a programme of activities for the promotional events in England for Maisey Morley's First Christmas. This is what I've got booked so far ...

I've planned out what activities I'd like to do with the children and as I love singing I thought I'd start with Jingle Bells. That's my favourite Christmas song, probably because the bell inside my woolly hat jingles whenever I get excited and it would be fair to say that I'm pretty excited at the moment because Christmas is only 95 DAYS AWAY!!

Before I flew to England I made a video of me singing Jingle Bells with Claire Brown who is the author of my book. I wanted to include her because since we both live in New Zealand, she can't make it to England for these events and I didn't want her to feel left out. She's also made up a special Maisey Morley Christmas song but she told me to keep that under wraps until closer to Christmas.

Click here to see the video of me singing Jingle Bells.

I left New Zealand just over two weeks ago. I thought Santa was going to fly me to England in his sleigh but as he's far too busy at the moment getting ready for Christmas, he just sent one of the reindeer over to pick me up and fly me there. Thankfully he sent Dasher who is the fastest so it didn't take that long but I have to admit to feeling a bit scared on the journey. Click on the picture below to see the video I made just before I left New Zealand.

I was so disappointed because the day after I left New Zealand it snowed! I don't think it was enough to play in or build a snowman but even so, I wish I'd been there to see it. I'm really hoping it snows in England while I'm here but I've been told it's a bit early for snow yet.

I'd only been in England a couple of days when a really momentous event happened - the Queen died! Of course I know all about the Queen because I'm such a huge fan of Paddington Bear and he actually met the Queen quite recently for the Platinum Jubilee celebrating her seventy year reign. I've watched the video of her meeting Paddington over and over again. Click on this link if you haven't already seen it.

I watched the funeral on television and my goodness I've never seen so many people! She must have been a very popular Queen.

Anyway I'm getting side-tracked. Back to my events - I'm going to be doing these events with the illustrator, Anne Jewitt who is Claire Brown's sister. She's been helping me with my reading because I'm going to read some of the verses in the book out loud by myself and I sometimes forget my words if I get too excited. We've also been busy making Christmas cards to give to the children to colour in. This is just one of them but I've got lots more ...

I'm trying hard not to get too excited because it's still 95 days away - gosh, have I already mentioned that? By the way did you know that Merry Christmas in Maori is

Meri Kirihimete!

I thought I'd teach the children in England to say that so I'm practicing saying it wherever I go. Anne keeps telling me it's too early to start saying Merry Christmas and judging by some of the looks I'm getting I'm starting to think that she's probably right.

That's all my news for now.

Noho ora mai (All the best)

Love Maisey xxx

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