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Maisey Morley's Very Early Christmas

Updated: Jul 19, 2022

It's been really cold here today and I got so excited that the bell inside my woolly hat jingled because I know what it means when the weather gets really cold. It means that Santa and his reindeer are getting ready to load up the sleigh and deliver all the presents that the elves have made. I remember being one of those presents and being all wrapped up in Christmas paper and riding in Santa's sleigh on Christmas Eve!

I thought it seemed it bit funny that no-one had put the Christmas tree up and I hadn't seen any decorations around the house. Obviously I was going to have to take charge and do it all by myself. Putting the tree up was harder than I thought and I'd only got it sort of halfway up when I heard this angry voice shouting at me!

Well, you can see on the video what happened ...

I couldn't understand why I had to climb down from the tree and put all the decorations away. Surely Christmas can't be in six months time! Not with snow forecast and it being so cold outside. But when I went away and Googled it I found out it's actually ...

I got very confused because I come from the North Pole which is in the Northern Hemisphere where Christmas time is in the middle of winter but now that I live in New Zealand which is in the Southern Hemisphere, Christmas is going to be in the summer time. I also found out while we're shivering away with snow forecast, the Northern Hemisphere is having a heatwave with record-breaking hot temperatures at the moment. It's all a bit confusing but this video explains it quite well I think.

Here are some pictures of me getting all the Christmas decorations out and even though I got told off and had to put them all away again it was worth it because I think I'm probably right when I say that Christmas is just too exciting for words!

I'm going to count down the days until Christmas and while I'm waiting I'm going to make my very own advent calendar.

Nga Mihi

Love Maisey xxx

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