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Meeting Maisey

Updated: Feb 26, 2022

My promotional books and bookmarks have finally arrived in New Zealand! I was starting to think they would have arrived earlier if they'd have come on Santa's sleigh with the reindeer but evidently Santa only has one scheduled flight per year and that doesn't come until December so they had to come on an aeroplane.

I'm positively jingling with excitement at the thought of going out on book readings and meeting the children. The only problem is that I can't actually read but I'm practicing every day to learn all the words off by heart and I think I should have the first book nailed in a couple of weeks.

This is my first attempt which I think I messed up a bit so we only got through the first few verses. I just got so excited when I saw all those memories and pictures of my time with Santa and the elves. Anyway I'm getting heaps better now and I'll post the rest of the verses once I've got my confidence up a bit more.

Maisey xx

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