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The Teddy Bear's Picnic

I'm not supposed to say too much about this but I'm too excited to keep it to myself for much longer. The next story about my adventures is really coming together and every time I see it my hat starts jingling and I shiver with excitement. I even start singing! Click on the picture to hear me singing in my new video which is a bit of sneak preview of my next book!

Of course my voice is a bit croaky because it's winter here in New Zealand and I've got a bit of a cold so my high notes are a bit scratchy. I love winter, don't you? It makes me think of Santa and the North Pole and the elves and flying in the sleigh with the reindeer.

I have also got a bit of a mention on the MS Society's website. I always thought that MS was short for MaiSey but evidently not - it's a disease called Multiple Sclerosis that affects the brain and spinal cord. I don't know too many details but I've heard it somehow disrupts messages from the brain and spinal cord going to other parts of the body.

I wondered whether I might have it too but it's not a disease that affects polar bears, You can't catch MS from other people and although animal trials have been conducted, humans are the only animals that get MS naturally.

Click on my author's picture to read about her own MS journey. More information about Multiple Sclerosis can be found on the same MS Society website.

Shivers I've rambled on far too long and I'd love to tell you a funny story about how I thought it was Christmas when the weather started to get so cold. I got all the Christmas decorations out and started eating mince pies and singing Christmas songs ... but I'll stop now and tell you all about that in my next post!

Love Maisey xxx

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