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Maisey's Pre-Christmas Event

Some video of the first of three sessions at The Ashcroft Centre with Anne which went really well with lots of singing and craft activities. And we read my book, Maisey Morley's First Christmas of course.

Now I need a big rest before I go and see Buckingham Palace and Hamleys Toy Store and go on the London Eye and lots of other exciting things

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Maisey Morley's Very Early Christmas

A rather embarrassing video about how I got confused about when Santa was coming! I learned a lot about the seasons in the Northern and Southern Hemispheres though!

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Claire Brown Reads Maisey Morley's First Christmas

A few verses of Maisey Morley's First Christmas, the first in a series of books about my adventures!

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Reading Time with Maisey

Maisey Morley can't read but she has memorised a few verses of her new book Maisey Morley's First Christmas to read out loud

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More videos to come ...

Keep checking this page for my latest videos

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Maisey Morley Flies to England

Maisey Morley is getting ready to fly to England on the back of one of Santa's reindeer to do her Christmas book events with Anne Jewitt, the illustrator of Maisey Morley's First Christmas

Maisey Morley Flies to England Thumbnail.jpg

Maisey Morley & the Teddy Bear's Picnic

Everyone loves a Teddy Bear’s picnic but since Maisey is a polar bear, will she be able to go to the picnic with the other bears? This is a short reading from the next story in Maisey’s series where Maisey learns from Gordon the teddy bear about polar bears and camouflage. Finally she stumbles on a disguise and finds a rather smelly solution to her problem.

Teddy Bears Picnic Thumnail.JPG

Snack Chat with Maisey

It's dinnertime and Maisey Morley is hungry but what do polar bears eat?

Maisey Dinner Video in Freezer.jpg

Meeting Maisey

My promotional books and bookmarks finally arrived in New Zealand and I'm positively jingling with excitement!!

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